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Property Division

Property Division Attorney in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Determining how assets and debt are divided is a crucial part of any divorce. At Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, I am committed to providing thorough, accurate and resourceful guidance so you can make knowledgeable choices that will protect your interests and safeguard your future.

At the Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, I will secure an accurate picture of your financial circumstances and develop a property division plan that anticipates all potential future outcomes. Please call me at 888-606-8455 or e-mail my firm to arrange a initial consultation with me, an experienced lawyer.

Identifying Marital Property and Offering Workable Solutions

  • Marital property includes all assets and debts acquired from the moment of the marriage to the date of separation. There are some assets and debts that might be acquired in that time that might not be marital property. All marital property must be distributed equitably according to North Carolina law.
  • I will get a clear picture of your assets and your debts, employing experts when necessary, to assign a market value to each.
  • I will closely review domestic and foreign bank accounts, retirement and compensation plans, stock options, offshore trusts and deferred tax planning tools.
  • Once I have a full understanding of your overall financial situation, I identify what is marital property and what is separate.
  • I offer a plan to obtain the realistic, equitable distribution of marital property between the divorcing partners. In keeping with my philosophy of peacefully resolving your legal matter based on your interests and needs, I encourage transparent and mature communication to quickly resolve property division matters and questions of alimony. If this does not seem possible, then I am prepared to use legal means to discover any hidden assets.
  • I make sure you have a full understanding of your assets and any proposed settlement.

Negotiating a Settlement That Works for You and Your Future

My firm's philosophy is, and my clients' experience has been, that property division and divorce services do not need to be characterized by hostility and opposition. I help people resolve family law matters amicably, while safeguarding interests and basic needs and laying the groundwork for open future communications with your ex-spouse.

Protecting Your Interests, Safeguarding Your Future

Please contact my firm by e-mail to arrange a initial consultation about your property division concerns, your prenuptial agreement questions or any other family law matter.

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