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Modification & Enforcement

Chapel Hill North Carolina Modification Lawyer

Durham Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Even the best divorce settlement may not anticipate every problem down the road. There are occasions when the life circumstances of you, your former spouse or your children change substantially after divorce that makes it necessary to revisit the Separation Agreement and Property Settlement, permanent order or divorce decree. At the Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, I help all parties involved address these changing needs in an efficient, respectful and effective manner.

At the Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, I can help you make modifications and provide enforcement representation. Please call my firm at 888-606-8455 or e-mail me to arrange a initial consultation about your case.

When Circumstances Change, I Am There for You

I recognize that when your circumstances change, swift action must be taken to provide stability. I am available to promptly file a motion for a modification in the divorce decree. Just as efficiently, we are prepared to file motions accusing your former spouse of failing to abide by the terms of the divorce decree.

I help my clients make the best of a difficult situation so long as it protects their interests and those of their children.

Circumstances When Child Support, Child Custody or Spousal Support Needs Modification

I handle modifications in child support awards when:

  • There is a substantial change in the income of either spouse.
  • Former spouses agree to make changes in the child support agreement.
  • Medical expenses increase for either of the parents or the child or there is a child with special needs.
  • Either parent seeks child custody changes.
  • Either parent wants to relocate out of state.
  • Issues of addiction or domestic violence are present.

Making Sure the Decree Is Enforced

Should either you or your spouse be in need of enforcement representation, in particular in regard to child support, spousal support or child custody matters, I can help make sure the agreement is enforced through legal means.

I Act Quickly to Help You

I work to safeguard your interests and the welfare of your child, while working toward an amicable solution whenever possible. I also recognize that in some cases, litigation is the only solution.

I help people resolve family law matters peacefully while safeguarding interests and laying the groundwork for stress-free future communications. Contact me to learn more about divorce decree modification and enforcement.

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