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Collaborative Law

Raleigh Collaborative Law Lawyer

Collaborative Divorce Attorney in Chapel Hill

At Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, I believe that the majority of divorces do not need to be filled with aggression, stress and hostility. Contested divorces are too often needlessly contentious and divisive, with the possibility for ongoing litigation that lasts for years. If you have children, it is especially hard on them.

At Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, I offer divorce services that include an innovative, cooperative alternative to traditional divorce known as collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce involves everyone agreeing to work together to come to an agreement that works for all parties, even if that gets difficult. Agreements reached through collaborative family law are highly customized and very durable.

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Collaborative law is an excellent option for clients who would like to use a non-adversarial process, but because of issues ranging from personal preference to concerns about trust, feel that mediation would not provide enough support and self-negotiation is not possible. Collaborative law allows divorcing partners to dissolve their union in a cooperative, mutual and legally binding manner that brings closure and continued open communication.

Collaborative divorce offers these benefits:

  • Agreements are reached using open communication and needs based discussion rather than the adversarial process of arguing, which is typical of litigating issues in court, and even common in many negotiated settlements handled by untrained attorneys.
  • Effective collaborative attorneys are highly skilled and have received extensive additional training.
  • You are involved in the settlement process from beginning to end. You have control, not the courts.
  • Collaborative divorce is a helpful way to maintain open communication with your spouse and model healthy behavior for your children during difficulty and conflict.
  • Collaborative family law is flexible. It can be used to develop prenuptial agreements or post-marital agreements, reach divorce settlements, and to make modifications over the years.
  • Collaborative attorneys are committed to helping you, not just winning or earning a fee.
  • Spouses and attorneys work together to problem-solve divorce issues. Collaborative divorce encourages easier, less stressful communication with your former spouse (and their attorney!) when resolving matters such as child support and child custody.
  • Collaborative divorce can avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

Collaborative Law Is Non-Adversarial, Interdisciplinary, and Family Centered

Trained collaborative attorneys solve problems and often put you in touch with experts best able to help you. A good collaborative lawyer can assemble a team including therapists, an accountant, and other experts to assist with all of the issues that your divorce involves. This holistic approach maximizes the skills and talents of all involved, while at the same time saving time and money by addressing issues quickly, directly, and with the best available tools.

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