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Child Support

Greensboro, NC Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Attorney in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

In North Carolina, child support is usually determined using a formula that is known as the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The state calculates child support based on factors such as custody and gross income of the divorcing partners. Other factors may also play a role in the amount of child support available.

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I Am an Attorney Knowledgeable in the Issues of Child Support

In North Carolina, child support is often figured out by using the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. In order to fill out worksheets completely, each parent has to disclose all information including salary and all related benefits considered income, work related childcare costs, child related health care costs. Sometimes circumstances may not be adequately represented on the worksheet. Not every family decides to follow North Carolina guidelines. Many families choose to make other agreements — especially in mediation and collaborative cases. This amount varies depending upon whether sole, joint legal or joint physical and legal custody and visitation has been awarded.

It is important for your lawyer to explain this process to you and help you understand the implications of decisions that you make regarding health care, childcare, private schooling costs, counseling and other child-related costs can have on your child support determination.

Determining Child Support by Coming to Agreement With Your Spouse

At the Irwin Law Firm, PLLC, some of my clients choose to come to a cooperative agreement regarding child support that does not use the guidelines but rather takes into account long-term needs that the divorcing parents work out together and agree upon. This approach is often helpful when parents want custody to be based on children's needs, rather than child support being tied to the number of overnights.

When Circumstances of Parents or the Child Change

It is possible to go to court to seek a change in child support when your circumstances change substantially, although I take great care to develop an initial settlement that will change and grow with your family. Some changes cannot be predicted. Also, I often help clients revisit elements of agreements reached pro se or by other attorneys. I am committed to ensuring that your interests and those of your children are properly represented at all times now and in the future.

My firm was founded on the belief that child support and other family law matters need not be resolved with anger and division. My approach takes the perspective that, no matter how difficult, mature adults are capable of coming to decisions with knowledgeable legal guidance, emotionally intelligent support and an emphasis on the long-term interests of the children and parties. Contact me to learn more about your options.

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