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Attorney Profile

I am Laura S. Irwin, Counselor at Law

I established Irwin Law Firm, PLLC in 2001 to provide exemplary legal counsel that encourages clients to resolve family law matters peacefully and effectively. Prior to that time, I had successfully practiced in two of the more aggressive litigation firms in the Durham area. I saw that, although litigation is sometimes absolutely necessary, most cases could have been settled on equivalent or more favorable terms with less anguish, with lower costs for the family, and with more lasting results. I resolved in 2001 to provide that type of high-quality legal service and have been helping families move forward ever since.

Please call 888-606-8455 to arrange an initial consultation, or contact me via e-mail.

My law firm concentrates primarily on family law with a special emphasis on collaborative law. I have the legal knowledge, the mediation skill and the emotional and legal intelligence to help people navigate the tough times of divorce and achieve a better future.